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Influencer. Model. Social Media Stylist & Manager.

Sara Muzi, dop natural blonde, italian digital influencer and entrepreneur, I work as a content creator, social media stylist and manager, and I run my own small emerging brand too.
The sea is my element, my passion, my cure. I've got it in my veins and I also have a great addiction to the adrenaline of adventure and travelling.
I graduated from the law school, I have a master in fashion & product design and management, and I speak 4 languages.
My journey began very young as a dancer and musical's character, performing also in TV. My new TV show "Il contadino cerca moglie 2021" is out now, watch it on
I am charismatic, self-deprecating and bubbly. These personality's features combined with a great hunger to discover the world with its cultures and its treasures, led me to ride the wave of the digital revolution to give voice to the urgency to create and communicate. Hence, I started sharing my first post on social media, working as fashion editor, modeling for editorials i.e GQ and Playboy, influencing as ambassador for commercial brands, especially for beachwear. In addition I: played a role in italian TV programs Unfaithful Love ( Alta Infedeltà), Rich Kids Deluxe ( Riccanza Deluxe) and others, collaborate with hotel's industry and participate in film festivals such as Venice Film Festival and Cannes. A pin-up look betrays my sweet and empathetic character. I open my heart to my followers thanks to a honest communication made of wanderlust inspirational messages.

About Me: Chi siamo
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