Instagram Engagement Organic Growth

Instagram Engagement Organic Growth

Price is 200 euro x 1 moth.

- Management of the contents of the social profile aimed at increasing the engagement of instagram without automatisms (BOT) but with a daily manual work

Note. Instagram can work as a real business opportunity that's why understanding your potential on this visual high-impact platform, with only marginal text, is important to gain popularity and, consequently, to earn money


- Development of a strategy personalized, according on your profile style, to publish contents in order to make use of your presence on the social network to the fullest


 -Calculation of the starting engagement and the ideal engagement to quickly increase your following in a progressive and exponential way.

Note. The number of followers, likes, comments and saves will grow through manual work, slowly and organically, to arrive at the engagement value calculated as the best to increase profile views and the influence index

    € 200,00Price